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          RainGage? Digital Marketing Diagnostics

          Mom never told you: Reports don’t matter

          In digital marketing, reports don’t matter. Actions matter. Take immediate action in your day-to-day and long-term digital marketing, with a RainGage® diagnostic.

          Forget about piecemeal, channel-by-channel marketing reports. RainGage looks at your online marketing, not one channel. You get prioritized recommendations that improve overall performance, from the highest-level strategy to page-by-page edits.

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          Get the whole marketing picture

          RainGage grades your entire digital marketing profile. Forget about channel-specific SEO reports and PPC measurement. RainGage is a 360-degree view of your digital marketing presence, from site architecture and spelling to social media and SEO.

          Overall marketing grade

          First, you’ll get an overall ‘grade’—an assessment of your digital
          marketing execution against best practices across all channels: Your
          site, social media and paid/earned media.

          Prioritized recommendations

          Next, you get a prioritized recommendations set, organized by effort and impact:

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